Grace Full Women:Forgiveness and Trust are Separate Issues

I know I seem to be stuck on a forgiveness kick but that’s what I’ve been studying lately. I don’t mean to be redundant.

A Grace Full Woman realizes that forgiveness and trust are two separate issues.

Sometimes we are reluctant to forgive because we believe it means we must trust the offender. However forgiveness and trust are separate issues. After I have taken care of my forgiveness issues with God and He has helped me heal from the pain and hurt, then I am free to forgive the person who has hurt me. Trust may not come into play until months or even years later. There are times that trust is never restored because the offender just isn’t trustworthy. Often it happens that by the time a person forgives, the offender is no longer living. In cases like these if forgiveness has not truly occurred feelings of bitterness, anger, resentment, and revenge will remain a constant companion to the woman sinned against. You may want to read A Grace Full Woman and Forgiveness if you need help forgiving.

The grace full woman will forgive the offender but she goes in knowing that it takes time to rebuild the relationship. The goal is to restore and reconcile and if both of you are ready to start fresh and allow God to do His work in you then there is great hope for restoration.

I had a severely damaged relationship that many would say could never be restored but with love, determination, much forgiveness on both sides and God’s healing touch the relationship has been redeemed, reconciled, and renewed better than it was before. No human can take credit for what the Lord has done and I will not even try.

Entrust your relationship to God, allow Him to love the person through you. Even if there cannot be reconciliation in the relationship there is healing in allowing God to reconcile you to Himself by giving you what you need to forgive. And where the is forgiveness, there is grace.



  1. This is so true. And sometimes reconciliation and restoration just isn’t possible (like when the offender had died or is not someone with whom you had a relationship in the first place) but we can still forgive. You know who is the hardest person to forgive? Me.


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