American Idol Loses Quirky Paul

America said goodbye to Paul tonight on Idol. I have to give Paul props because his attitude about leaving was the best I’ve ever seen in all the years I’ve watched Idol. He told the audience to join him in his last song and said,”Now don’t be sad.” Paul’s last performance of Maggie May was stellar and I wish him well in his music career. There is no doubt we will hear Paul singing to us on the radio in the months to come.

Let me reiterate my statement from my last blog about the reason the judges do not criticize the contestants more often. They don’t need to! This is the most talented group of singers American Idol has ever had in its history. Why fix something that’s not broke? Right?

These judges brought in the most talented contestants in the United States and I’m proud we don’t have to listen to them run down these young people every week.

See you back here next week.


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