Survivor’s Boston Rob Controls His Puppets

Tonight on Survivor Boston Rob showed his control over the Ometepe tribe in several ways. He set up a new system, the Buddy System. Each tribe member had to take a buddy everywhere they went even to the bush. The reason for this was not safety as most of us remember from elementary school, no, Rob wanted to make sure the Zap tribe didn’t get the chance to persuade one of them to switch sides. Ometepe members were not allowed to talk to the others about anything “game” related.

There were two challenges with Grant and Andrea winning individual immunity.
After each challenge there was a tribal council and Mike and David were voted off and joined Matt on Redemption Island. My hope is that Matt wins both challenges against them. My hope is that Matt although too trusting, has learned his lesson and is ready to play for reals…

Special Agent Phillip, agent with 3 different agencies (eyes rolling back in head), wore a headband with one large feather sticking out of it. When Jeff asked why he wore it he said he asked for a sign and the next thing he knew the feather fell from the sky. He also shared with millions of viewers of an intimate time he shared with is great, great grandfather who in so many words told him one of his team members would win the Survivor game. Really? He was told this in a vision while in meditation.

Later in the game Rob stated he would take Phillip and Natalie with him to the top 3. His thinking must be that because Phillip seems “crazy” he may not get the votes of the jury. However in a private interview with Phillip he let on that he may be pretending to be “crazy” to get taken to the top 2 with Rob. So is Phillip off his rocker or not? I’m beginning to think he may not be as wacky as he has led us to believe.

The zinger for the night for me was when Puppet Master Rob refused to allow his team to eat the fish the Zap team caught, and what blew me away is that the little puppets did as they were told. They sat right next to the others while they ate the fish and although starving did not accept one bite even when offered.
Grant did take a few bites and said “I’m my own man”, but then when called back to his group returned and left the fish behind. I guess a million is worth giving up a few bites of fish. What was Rob’s reasoning for ordering his team to refuse food that would make them stronger in challenges and was ultimately healthy for them? I think he wanted to prove he had complete control over his little kingdom by having them not accept anything from the Zap tribe.

All in all this was a great show tonight but confirmed once again that Rob is a manipulative snake in the grass. I am rooting for Matt to beat him in the final round.

Who would you like to see get to the final 2?


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