American Idol Review April 13th-

This year on American Idol the talent is unbelievable! I have a hard time every week trying to figure out who will go home. No one should leave because they are all that good. They are “artists” as Randy calls them.

Why is there so much awesomeness this year? The judges. The judges this year know real talent and when they chose the top 24 they chose well. It makes a difference when the judges really know music and what it takes to make it. Steven, Jennifer and Randy together make a great combination and they know what they’re doing. No they don’t give a lot of criticism, but guess what? The top 8 last night didn’t need much criticism. These judges aren’t so lame as to just make it up to please their critics.

1-Paul in his quirky style pulled off Bob Seger.
2- Lauren did well with The Climb and being a 15-year-old from Georgia she’s bound to go far.
3- Sweet Stefano slayed his song and should be a top contender based on that performance, but will this pull him out of the bottom 3?
4- Scotty performing George Straight was excellent, a little pitchy I thought but the judges know better than me and said he was a star.
5- Casey entered the stage with his large bass guitar, not sure what it’s called, he did Nat King Cole in his unusual way.
6- Haley doing Blonde in her gaveling voice did not get rave reviews, judges did not like song choice,I’m just not a fan of Haley’s.
7- Jacob sang one of my all time fave Bridge Over Trouble Waters and he brought everything he had. I loved it.
8- Last was James doing Heavy Metal, I truly felt I was watching a rock concert. Go James . Another favorite of mine from the beginning.

Who will be in the bottom 3? I suspect Casey, Haley and Stefano with Haley going home, I hope. What do you think?



  1. Hey, I haven’t watched it yet -we TiVo’d it, so we’ll see it tonight sans commercials! Anyway, I like Hayley but I don’t think she is mainstream enough to make it. I don’t think Jacob is either – I think he is a one trick pony, all he can sing is ballads. I think while Casey is the most versatile and probably thee most talented as well, he’s not going to be the American Idol. I think it will come down to James, Scotty and Lauren. I love it this yea, too and I think the judges are the bet fit too.

    Love, Mary

    • Yea I think you are right about the final 3 at the end. I just can’t make myself like Hayley’s style for some reason. I like some of Jacob’s stuff but last night I really enjoyed it because he did a good job on a fave of mine. I would def like to see a Georgia winner. (Lauren)

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