Zumba and Me

This week on my healthy lifestyle journey has been better.

I bought Zumba for the Wii. Need I say more? Well just for kicks I will. The goal is to make it through a 20 minute session, each session is broken down into 4 and 5 minute parts. Chelle (Hound’s fiancée) and I have made it through several 4 minute sessions but no further. We are having great fun while doing it and laughing so hard we feel like we’ve done 100 sit ups, but 4 minutes is it!

In this process I am learning a variety of new dances all of which I can’t pronouce but seem to be of the Latin variation. I’m moving so fast I look like an idiot. I know this because Chelle looks like an idiot so I must.

However our goal is to work up to 6 minutes by the end of the week. It sounds pitiful I know but Zumba is the hardest form of exercise I’ve ever tried to do. We will not give up though because it so much fun and we know there are so many benefits from this 4 minute workout.



  1. WOW! I had no idea Zuumba was so hard! But if it’s that fun I’ll have to try it. Short, fun work outs are better than long, boring ones, which (for me) lead to no workouts at all! Good luck on the 6-minute mark! 😀

    • Well I think that’s why I may stick with it. Short and fun work for me. Of course I’m not in great physical shape so someone else may be able to go longer but we’ll get there.

  2. I might be Latin but dang, I cannot keep up with that Latin Zumba dancing. Six minutes seems like too much, especially after tonight. Either way… I think we’re looking better! We both didn’t look so ridiculous this time around. We just need to learn how to properly shake our booties.

  3. Bring it over next Tuesday and let’s do Zumba together! I am horrible at Aerobics. I can’t stay on count. I’m always going in the wrong direction. We would so bump into each other. That would be funny!!!

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