Survivor Redemption: Not Again! Poor Matt!

Matt won 6 challenges while on Redemption Island and got the chance to come back to camp. Boston Rob got a little “paranoid” when he saw Matt, Andrea and Mike were reading the Bible together. He said he didn’t have anything against God, just a group forming for whatever reason. I think he just doesn’t like it when he’s not the center of attention.

Matt made a big mistake by trusting Rob with the news that Mike wanted him and Andrea to join them. He also confided that he (Matt) was conspiring to get rid of Rob but had now changed his mind and felt he was supposed to stay with his team. Big no no telling Rob the truth. Rob turned immediately and went running to the others, told them what Matt said and got a plan together to vote Matt off.

At tribal council Matt was voted off and sent back to Redemption Island. I think this is such a horrible thing to do to him. He was trying to do what was right by being honest. Once again honesty was not the best policy in the Survivor game and the good guy came in last again.

I want to see a show down between Matt Elrod and Boston Rob and I hope Matt rubs Robs takes him out. Yes I know I sound a tiny bit angry but it’s a shame the good guy can’t get a break.

I’m betting Matt will win Survivor 2011. What do you think?


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