Why I Keep Staying on the Weight Loss Journey

So I have to give an update of my journey to health.

1- Last week I ate much healthier than the week before, but didn’t lose any weight.

2- I feel on days like today I kind of balanced things out when I ate 3 homemade cookies for lunch, then a small bowl of beanie weenies and a few stalks of celery for dinner. What do you think?

3- I consider it a VICTORY when I can wear my 27 year old daughter’s hand me down pants. I feel like I went shopping today!

4- I had coffee with a new friend today at Starbuck’s. The Vanilla Skinny Latte was delicious, try it if you haven’t, you’ll never know it has fewer calories than most the other coffees there.

5- Vanilla Wafers are so much better for me than a Hershey’s Almond Chocolate bar, right? I hope so, half the box disappeared last night.

6- I am drinking even more water this week and spending more time checking out bathrooms around my county.

7- My mind seems to be clearer, not so foggy as it has been lately. I’m not sure if that has something to do with the changes I’m making or not but I suspect it does.

8- I discovered lowfat turkey hotdogs are not as good as they sound, however they get the job done.

9- I received a compliment from an older gentleman this week, he said ” You look like you’re losing weight.” Does this count even if it was my 74 year old father-in-law? Hey motivation is motivation wherever it might come from.

10- I have a sleeping problem. It is imperative if a healthy lifestyle is to succeed that one get a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately there’s a train in the bed with me every night. Anyone have any ideas other than surgery or nose strips?

All in all this week was just ok. Watching the scales tip in my favor would have made it much better but I did get that compliment which gives me motivation to go on another week. It’s day by day, week by week for me.



  1. #2 – Yes, it balances things out. That’s my opinion anyway.
    #3 – Complete victory! Especially, since I’ve seen you’re daughter – tiny!
    #5 – Hysterical!

    You look great! I should have told you today but I couldn’t get past your hair! haha.. kidding..

    • Thanks for the compliment, I am motivated to continue. The hair comment was uneccessary don’t you think? However, I can overlook it since you are the one who provided those 3 delicious cookies for lunch.

  2. Beenie Weenies?? LOL! Yes, I guess that is balance. 😉

    I’ve learned a few new things this year about how to loose weight more effectively. (You’re right about the sleep; Sorry about the train.) One is to eat smaller meals every 2-3 hours. It burns fat more efficiently. If you go longer you retain fat and burn muscle. I think that’s unfair, but I didn’t make the rules. The other is to stretch a lot — like with big giant stretch bands or weights. Muscle toning burns as much or more fat than walking and other aerobic exercise. As soon as I get off this couch I am going to try that…

  3. I’m giggling at “turkey hotdogs” as a post label.

    It’s hard sometimes. not every week is a successful one. And eventually, you reach a point where you aren’t trying to lose weight but to just be healthy and life a healthy lifestyle. and even that can be hard. but you’re doing it. even if every step isn’t perfect, you are at least aware of the choices you make and are learning from the choices that aren’t as great. keep it up!!

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