10 Things I Liked About This Week of My Journey to Health

1- I do like that I’ve lost 4 pounds!

2- I like that I have a tiny bit more energy this week.

3- I do like it that I don’t have to eat as much to get full.

4- I do like it that candied orange slices are sweet enough to satisfy me today instead of chocolate.

5- I like that I enjoyed tacos made with turkey instead of beef. No, really I did.

6- I do like that I exercised more last week than I have in the last 6 months.

7- I do like it that I’ve had to depend on God to help me be successful with this healthy lifestyle changing stuff. Why? Because He makes me successful when I can’t do it on my own.

8- I like the thought of maybe wearing tank tops when it gets hot, although this is still sort of a struggle for me.

9- I like the grilled chicken salad at O’Charley’s and the Pecan/Apple salad at Wendy’s. For real!

10- I like it that my friends are so supportive of the changes I’m trying to make. Thank you!

It’s amazing how good I feel when I succeed at something I really want to do. It gives me a motivation boost to keep going. Things look quite different this week than they did last week. Even though I’ve hardly had a peek at the blue skies here in Georgia my hopes are high. And so for the next week I will drink more water, eat more fruit, less chocolate and pray, pray and pray some more.

Motivator:I’m reading Younger Next Year for Women by Chris Crowley and Harry Lodge. The motivator I’ve gotten so far is that there are 90-year-old women skiing, riding bikes, and walking marathons because they followed the advice of these men. What advice? Drinking lots of water and walking everyday or some other aerobic exercise. The key is EVERYDAY! Of course there’s much more to the book, actually it’s hard to put down, read it for yourself or got to the blog at www.youngernextyear.com/blog</

How did you do with your lifestyle changes this past week?


  1. Great job! It’s the small successes that create the most motivation. Yesterday I accidentally pulled my jeans down without unfastening them. I emailed my BFF immediately with hysterics and said, “well, I guess I really am losing.” Maybe time for new jeans?

  2. Yay! Those are all triumphs in my book! I’ve lost about 13 pounds since the start of Lent, and I feel like I look younger. My skin is better because I’m only drinking water (though I could stand to drink more). I’m sleeping better (though my dreams are weird. I blame meatlessness). I just feel better! *sigh* Looks like this is going to become a lifestyle change. Heaven help me! 🙂

  3. Go Julie! I’m cheering you on! “Younger Next Year” is a big hit with a health movement in my corporation — I didn’t know there was one specifically for women. Thanks for the reference, I’m going to grab that!

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