I Don’t Want To Hurt God Anymore.

I taught a class today and we discussed how and why to make right choices. I asked the question, “What helps us make the right choice?” Various answers were given such as prayer, Bible study, knowing God’s Word, and relying on the Holy Spirit for guidance. Then one of the women spoke in a small voice,” I don’t want to hurt God anymore.” I’ll never forget that childlike, sincere answer to that question. I’ll always remember the way she sat there looking down at the table while she made a simple but profound statement. A statement that warmed my heart and spirit. I couldn’t help but smile and I knew just what she meant because I felt that way too. This sweet soul just knew how to put it into words.

While the rest of us had all the “grown-up” answers, answers that were true nonetheless, she had the one answer that made the most sense to me. Make the right choice because we love Jesus. A love that is rooted in the love He first gave to us. Make the right choice because we don’t want to hurt Him anymore. Simple but perfect and true.

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