A Blogging Award for Me? Thanks! I’m Passing It On…

Versatile Blogger Award

Ok so good news for me. I was awarded a Versatile Blogger Award by my blogger friend and sister in Christ, Debbi Robertson at 24atheart.wordpress.com. Check out Debbi’s blog. She also a fantastic photographer. The award is proudly displayed on the sidebar on the right. Since accepting I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself and send the award to other bloggers that I love to read. I realize some of you may not have time to give this award out to others or write another blog about yourself but its the thought that counts. And I think you’re all great!

So here goes….

7 things about me

1- I have 3 dogs, Gabe- Sheltie, Georgia- Pom, Lola- English Bulldog
2- I have 1 cat named Greg, he’s 13 years old and still going strong.
3- My favorite TV shows are American Idol, Harry’s Law, Survivor and Days of Our Lives (my secret indulgence of 40 years which is no longer a secret)
4- The natural color of my hair is light mousy brown, but since I prefer red/auburn with blonde highlights, well that’s the color it is now.
5- I love my bed. If you didn’t read She’s My Refuge take a peek at this comforting piece of poetry.
6- I teach women’s Bible studies and have done so for almost 17 years.
7- My favorite meal is Thai cashew chicken with sticky rice. Yum!

And the award goes to……
In no particular order

Kristi Hill at www.lightfromthehill.wordpress.com
Gina Stinson at www.journalinggina.blogspot.com
Sushmita at www.opalomega.blogspot.com
Vicki at Light for the Writer’s Soul www.victoriagaines.com
Amy at Collect Yourself www.amysioux.wordpress.com
Rachel at www.thelazychristian.com
Liz at www.eternallizdom.blogspot.com
Mamma Buffa at www.butteredside.com

The blogs are some of my favorites and I hope you’ll check them out, you won’t be sorry you did.


  1. You deserve it!!

  2. Hi Julie! It’s always fun to learn about our friends – thanks for sharing. I really love American Idol, too:-) THANK YOU for the mention…you encourage me to keep going. The new site will be MORE versatile than ever…hehe….hopefully, that is a good thing:-) Much love & blessings on your day!


  3. Not only am I honored to be included in an award… I’m excited to go check out the other bloggers you listed!! I’m loving reading YOUR blog so I know you listed people who must be great!

  4. Thanks, Julie! I didn’t even know such a thing existed. I am anxious to read your favorite bloggers and share some more. Blessings!

  5. You are such a encourager! Thank you so much. I don’t have a speach prepared but I would like to thank …. Julie Moore for introducing me to the Blogging world and walking me through the entire thing. I woud like to thank my parents for giving me such great memories to write about. And of course my husband and kids for all the newer memories – they keep me busy writing! Thank you all so much.

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