Elizabeth Taylor: Was She Truly Fulfilled?

50 films and 70 years after her acting career began we are still talking about the queen of stardom Elizabeth Taylor. Although this younger generation may only know of her from perfume commercials we who grew up with her know she had many more charms up her sleeve.

Liz was worshipped by many and lived as if she should be worshipped. Pictures almost always portrayed her with her head held high and with a look of royalty about her. I don’t know if that’s the way she truly felt on the inside or not because very seldom did she reveal her inner thoughts to the public.

Elizabeth Taylor had an image and she kept to that image as much as possible. Of course there were times she turned to substance abuse but I believe this woman who seemed to have it all was looking for something to fulfill her within. It seemed she moved from one husband to another trying to find some way to satisfy an emptiness. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve spent much time myself trying to find completeness in the world.

The truth is the world does not have the answer to fulfillment. No matter how much time and effort I put into seeking and searching nothing last for long. Nothing of material value, no substance , no human can fill the emptiness permanently.

I can’t be satisfied by anything or anyone in this world. I’m not supposed to be satisfied that way because there’s a keyhole in my heart and the world does not have the key to open it.

I found the key, or should I say He found me. Jesus Christ. Let Him open your heart to a world of peace, love and joy today.

Liz Taylor thank you for all the years of entertainment, mystery, and love you gave to the world. Rest in peace.

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