What Legacy Did Elizabeth Taylor Leave Behind?

I turned on my computer this afternoon to discover Elizabeth Taylor
had passed away. Instantly I remembered my dad saying,”Liz is the most beautiful woman there has ever or will ever be in the movies.” My childhood memories of her flooded back as I pictured her in the movie Cleopatra. As a child I thought the woman was a goddess. As she lounged on her throne carried by several huge muscle men, her dark beautiful hair, and gorgeous piercing eyes, gave a big imagination like mine reason to pretend I too was Cleopatra, except I left out the death by snake bite.

When she was 12 years old Elizabeth appeared in the movie National Velvet about a horse and a girl who trained to be a jockey. I had always wanted a horse. Watching this movie gave me hopes that one day maybe I’d have one. I didn’t but rode many times.

What legacy did she leave? Well I read this at Detnews.com
“Elizabeth Taylor, eight times married, owner of three Oscars, former screen goddess and constant subject of gossip for some seven decades, died of congestive heart failure today in Los Angeles. To some she was a faded actress; to other she will always be the seductive, controversial and colorful Queen of the Nile.” I suppose this is one way to sum up a woman’s life who has spent 79 years on this earth trying to contribute something to the world, giving love to those she could, and opening up a vision to little girls that told them that maybe, just maybe their dreams could come true. Maybe a little girl could become a great actress or a scientist, teacher, reporter, journalist, doctor, mother or race car driver. Maybe she could paint a painting that would change the way we see art, maybe she could run a race and raise donations for breast cancer research, maybe she could reach a little higher, go a little further, and love a little deeper than she thought possible. It seems a shame to reduce Liz Taylor’s life down to a few accolade’s when there was obviously so much more to her than that.

I hope to find out more about the real legacy Elizabeth Taylor left us and maybe those who knew her best will begin to reveal it to us soon.

What legacy do you want to be remembered for in this life?


  1. Loving Greatly. I have a ways to go – you know me NO MERCY – but I hope one day to just love unconditionally.

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