Does An Old Shack Have A Story?

I don’t know what it is with me and my fascination with old buildings, barns, churches, structures but its deep within me. Everytime I see one I feel the urge to take a picture. It’s like I am seeing a part of history and if I don’t capture it one day it will be gone. I wonder to myself, “What went on there?” Crazy huh? The older the structure is the more I love it! I’m posting some pics of old churches and structures I captured on my camera. They probably won’t mean much to you unless you use your imagination…..

Who lived here? What story does this old home have to tell?

Mr. Callaway approved the plans for the chapel right before he died. He built Callaway Gardens for his wife, I wonder what he was thinking about when he designed this beautiful building?

How many hallelujahs were shouted here and why?

The walls of this home could tell us of the many meals cooked in the fireplace, and the sweet memories made together around the table at dinner. Use your imagination.


  1. Oh, I’m right there with you when it comes to old structures and their possible history. I truly enjoy findings like that and could go “hunting” for them daily if time allowed. Just so much fun to think back in time and wonder. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love old buildings too! My aunt lives in an old house that has a bullet hole in it from the Civil War, and every time I visited as a kid I would brush it with my hand to see if I could get a vision of the past (with my amazing superhero kid powers). Yes, I agree… old buildings are very much “alive” with an energy that I find fascinating…

  3. my God!! you sound like a part of me!! i have this immense fascination with old things… and i keep playing a film in my mind thinking what all would have happened there!!! cool shots!

  4. The one in the top left has my eye… so much I want to know and do there! I love these images. I’ve always said that when I road trip somewhere, I need to bring my camera along so I can capture the beauty of places no one notices.

    • Well the one on the top is down here in Georgia. I pass it almost everyday and almost did not get a pic before it was totally collapsed. I’m so glad I had my camera that day. Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed reading your stuff .

  5. When we were it Italy I found myself taking tons of pictures of old doors – I must have fifty. I dig them out every once in a while and think about throwing them away and then don’t. I’ve always loved driving at night and looking in houses with the lights on (it started innocently enough with looking at their Christmas trees and lights)and imagining what they were doing. Of course, now that I’ve written this down it seems a little perverted – don’t tell! Love, Mary

  6. Love your post……..and the old structues. I always invision turning them into a potting house or plant nursery with a gift shop! Dreaming!!!

  7. That’s so funny. I’m the same way. I don’t actually stop and take the pictures but I think about it every time I see one. I think you have encouraged me to stop and just enjoy life’s historical moments.

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