Red Riding Hood, Will She Ever Trust Again?

We saw Red Riding Hood last weekend. It was awful. That was the opinion of all four of us who went together. It did have a very surprising ending and the wolf turned out to be……. well I’m not telling just in case you lose your mind and decide to go waste some time and see it.

The moral of the story seemed to be: you can’t trust anyone, watch your back! I would hate to live like that, without someone to trust. This poor girl questioned every person she knew, wondering who was dressed like the wolf in “people’s” clothing.

Life without trust whether it stems from pain, hurt, or betrayal is miserable. We may hide it well by pretending we don’t need anyone but deep inside each person longs to trust. Trust offers security, real love, and a place to be my true self. Why do we receive these things from trust? Because the one I trust accepts me for me, he/she only wants what’s best for me.

The wolf in Red Riding Hood was a cold-blooded killer. Betrayal in a relationship can be a killer to that relationship. Ever been betrayed? At first it seems like there’s no turning back, like there is no hope for life. But at some point in life we have to trust again, let love in again. When we do, that old wolf can be put to death. Relationship can be restored, with some people, and the silver bullet can be thrust in that horrible wolf so we can live again without holding back.

Who can you begin trusting before all others? The Father God. There is no one more trustworthy and loving than Him. Give Him your broken, torn heart and let God heal what the wolf has almost destroyed. In Him there is wholeness, let God heal your heart and cause you to trust again.

As far as that awful wolf goes, let him die a terrible death…. oops I gave the ending away…. or did I?


  1. Pam Lopez says:

    Thank you so much Julie!! You are a wonderful writer…Keem em’coming!! I LOVE reading your articles…..
    And, so true what you said about “TRUST.” I am so thankful that we can heal and forgive and even in some cases, restore relationships.

  2. Someone said to me the other day that I “trust too much,” as if it were a character flaw. Years ago, a friend said I forgave too quickly. Whatever happened to 1 Corinthians 13? I totally agree with you, Julie: It is important to trust in people and forgive when wronged; but should people fail us and fail us again, our Father NEVER will. Nicely written.

    • Amy,
      no, people should not fail us over and over again and when they do it is very hard to trust again. Sometimes it isn’t possible to trust that particular person again but I try not to let that keep me from trusting others. Forgiveness and trust are two very different things. I can forgive but trust may take much longer if it ever comes. I think the fact that you are “too trusting or forgive too quickly” shows your Jesusness (is that a word?), a trait all of us should pursue.

  3. Hi, Julie, I’m following you through Amy’s blog, and am glad I found you!

    I saw Riding Hood, too…sheesh — you are right about it being awful…

    But, I like your application about trust…I have been walking with one of my wonderful sisters (real one) after going through a very (VERY) awful divorce. She is still fearful of him and what he does to try to injure her emotionally (it’s been 2 years), but her God has been so faithful to her, and her trust in Him is unwavering. He has been so very faithful to her, comforting, helping, and providing in so many ways. She knows that trusting may be difficult, but as she has trusted God more, she experiences His faithfulness and is getting to know Him extremely well.

    God bless you!

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