I Wouldn’t Want To Be You or Brangelina.

What if you could change your identity? Let’s say the slate was wiped clean and you could trade places with anyone you wanted, who would it be? Where would you live and what would you be doing different right now? What if God gave you the choice to change lives with someone else? (I say […]

10 Things I Liked About This Week of My Journey to Health

1- I do like that I’ve lost 4 pounds! 2- I like that I have a tiny bit more energy this week. 3- I do like it that I don’t have to eat as much to get full. 4- I do like it that candied orange slices are sweet enough to satisfy me today instead […]

I Don’t Want To Hurt God Anymore.

I taught a class today and we discussed how and why to make right choices. I asked the question, “What helps us make the right choice?” Various answers were given such as prayer, Bible study, knowing God’s Word, and relying on the Holy Spirit for guidance. Then one of the women spoke in a small […]

A Blogging Award for Me? Thanks! I’m Passing It On…

Ok so good news for me. I was awarded a Versatile Blogger Award by my blogger friend and sister in Christ, Debbi Robertson at 24atheart.wordpress.com. Check out Debbi’s blog. She also a fantastic photographer. The award is proudly displayed on the sidebar on the right. Since accepting I am supposed to tell you 7 things […]

Elizabeth Taylor: Was She Truly Fulfilled?

50 films and 70 years after her acting career began we are still talking about the queen of stardom Elizabeth Taylor. Although this younger generation may only know of her from perfume commercials we who grew up with her know she had many more charms up her sleeve. Liz was worshipped by many and lived […]

Things I Don’t Like… At All!

1-I don’t like it that I’m eating carrots sticks right now instead of a candy bar. 2-I don’t like it that I have to walk on the treadmill later on this afternoon. 3-I don’t like it that my pants are too tight. 4-I don’t like it that I don’t like to wear sleeveless tops or […]

What Legacy Did Elizabeth Taylor Leave Behind?

I turned on my computer this afternoon to discover Elizabeth Taylor had passed away. Instantly I remembered my dad saying,”Liz is the most beautiful woman there has ever or will ever be in the movies.” My childhood memories of her flooded back as I pictured her in the movie Cleopatra. As a child I thought […]

What Not To Say To The Grieving Person

I got a call from a friend today. Her dad passed away. I could hear great sadness in her voice although she said she was doing ok. She told me she was trying to comfort herself by thinking about his long, healthy life (he was 87 years old)before the cancer struck, and that he was […]

Does An Old Shack Have A Story?

I don’t know what it is with me and my fascination with old buildings, barns, churches, structures but its deep within me. Everytime I see one I feel the urge to take a picture. It’s like I am seeing a part of history and if I don’t capture it one day it will be gone. […]

Red Riding Hood, Will She Ever Trust Again?

We saw Red Riding Hood last weekend. It was awful. That was the opinion of all four of us who went together. It did have a very surprising ending and the wolf turned out to be……. well I’m not telling just in case you lose your mind and decide to go waste some time and […]