Kayla’s New Life

Kayla went into the dressing room with four dresses to try on. She thought to herself, “Why do I even bother?” The realization of the weight gain had hit her square in the face that morning, as her husband spouted off another rude comment about how big she was getting. He didn’t have to remind her, she looked in the mirror everyday.

She needed a dress for the women’s tea at church. The dresses in her closet were much too tight, out of date, or too casual. Three stores and ten dresses later Kayla decided on the black skirt and jacket with which she would wear her teal blouse. Black was supposed to be slimming, she had a lot of black in her wardrobe.

At the event Kayla sat with two friends from her women’s Bible study. The speaker’s presentation that night was entitled “A Woman’s Identity in Christ”. Kayla had been a believer for many years but could not grasp all that God’s grace entailed. She left the tea realizing she was missing something inside, in her relationship with Christ. She began to think about the way she viewed herself also and it wasn’t the same way God saw her. She was a failure at most things she tried especially this weight loss thing. However God valued and treasured Kayla more than she would ever comprehend and there was nothing she could do to change that!

For months Kayla studied and devoured God’s Word to find out more about the treasures His grace had given her, especially her identity in Christ. She became a confident woman in Christ. When her husband made those snide comments Kayla refused to allow it to bring her down because she knew her God loved her, created her, did not condemn. It was His love for her that changed the way she saw herself. She began to believe she could become healthy from the inside out. Her diet changed, she added exercise and she began counseling.

Years of shame and guilt had ripped her self-esteem to shreds, and her husband and family gave little support. But then a light bulb lit in Kayla and she understood that the Jesus inside her had destroyed any dirty, old past she ever had. It just took someone helping to fan the flame of truth. The light was inside Kayla from the moment she knew Him but no one told her the whole truth of the gospel. She had no idea all that our God gives us when we come to Him.

Kayla and her husband are now living a contented life together. He has learned to respect and love her for who she is and who she is becoming. She accepts him for him and continues to find her own identity and calling in Christ Jesus. Life is not perfect for if it were she would be in heaven but life is good and Kayla is learning what it means to live abundantly.


  1. Awe, I love Kayla. The Kayla’s of this world will hopefully realize the truth about God’s love for them and be eternally changed!

  2. Great message, Julie! We all need to start seeing others around us as God sees them and see ourselves as He sees us too! It’s not the outer housing He sees but the real person we are on the inside…the Spirit Person! Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

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