Survivor, Redemption Island: Nice Guys Do Finish Last


It’s not always true that nice guys finish last but on last night’s Survivor it certainly happened that way. Matt Elrod, a player who according to his profile intended to play with integrity, got blindsided by his fellow teammates.

The Ometepe team led by Boston Rob lost two challenges in a row and after the second loss Matt went over to the opposing team and shook hands with some of them. Boston Rob was appalled at the Christian guy congratulating the other team for winning.

So it seems that this appalling act of being kind to others got him voted off at tribal council. Boston Rob orchestrated a sneak attack against Matt because of his integrity and his new found “possibly becoming romantic” relationship with Andrea. This Rob totally understands since he married his Survivor sweetheart from Survivor All Stars Amber Brkich.

I guess Matt must have been too much competition for the rest because he probably would have been well liked by the jury but he was great in the challenges. It seems to me he’d been a guy you’d want around at least a little longer, but his fatal mistake of kindness got Matt thrown on Redemption Island with Franceska.

I did feel encouraged when Matt walked into the Redemption Island camp and he said something about the Lord helping him. Maybe this is one reason I am a cheerleader for Matt Elrod.

Franceska against Matt on Redemption Island, wonder what this will entail? Maybe we’ll see next week. At least Mr. Nice Guy gets one more chance to show what he’s made of. Just curious to see if he will come back hard and strong with a vengeance or will he continue to play with honesty and integrity. Perhaps this stab in the back will cause him to become paranoid and deceitful like Boston Rob. What do you think?

The parable of the story is be kind to one another and you’ll get thrown to the wolves, snakes, crocs or whatever is out there on Redemption Island.

© Copyright Julie E. Moore


  1. I am trying to teach my kids to be kind when others aren’t. They see the “Bad Guy” getting all the rewards – or so it seems – but I tell them what comes around goes around and when it comes back around you may not see their fall but they will fall.
    It’s a hard lesson to learn — Life’s Not Fair!

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