No One Noticed Her Dead In Her Cubicle Until The Next Day

Last Friday in Los Angeles County a 51 year old woman died in her cubicle. She was not found until sometime Saturday.
The coroner is not sure yet why she died but she was found with her head on her desk.

I find it sad that no one noticed she was missing. Not one of her coworkers bothered to ask if she was ok as they walked by, I’m imagining her head down on the desk. Did she not have family or friends that missed her when she didn’t come home Friday after work? How about Saturday morning when she didn’t come down for breakfast? Of course I’m assuming she had someone to eat breakfast with but I guess at least that day she didn’t.

I’ve been blessed to have family and friends who would immediately notice if I didn’t show up at home. Thank you God.
But is there something I can do to help people like Rebecca Wells who at 51 years of age was missing and dead with no one noticing? Have you ever seen the woman who sits by herself in the coffee shop, the one who is alone on the side of the road, the one alone in church every week, or the teenager who is so quiet and keeps to herself. Do we just walk on by and pretend not to see her?

In the movie What Women Want a quiet, shy woman in Mel Gibson’s office felt so alone, unnoticed, overlooked, and no one knew how she felt. Until Mel got a special power to read the minds of women and then he heard her thoughts. Those thoughts of low self-esteem, unworthiness,etc. and he began to give her notice. On the day she was going to take her own life he showed up at her door and offered her the promotion she wanted so badly. This gave her validation, value and worth and she was finally noticed. She began a new life that day.

How many do we pass by? Just look in her eyes if she will dare to lift them, look at her demeanor, notice if she is alone, talk to her and find if she has anyone who cares. It may only take a smile and a kind word to set her on the course to looking for new life. Give a bit of time, a touch, a hug, a cup of coffee, just let her know you “see” her. I wonder if things might have been different for Rebecca if someone “saw” her. Maybe someone might have noticed she didn’t feel well, that she grabbed her heart, fell over, etc. and she might have lived. We could “what if” all day but let’s just try to “see” and “hear” the others around us.

I realize I don’t have the whole story and maybe I am reading between the lines. But it shows me a sad story about a woman who was so unnoticed that she lay dead at her desk at the IRS Friday until she was discovered sometime Saturday afternoon. How tragic, can you imagine if that were you?

Watch this video from Casting Crowns… it is hard to see but real to life. “Does Anybody Hear Her?”
© Copyright Julie E. Moore



  1. Thanks for sitting with me at church Sunday, Julie. That meant a lot to me. See you soon!

  2. I would so notice if you were missing— at least by Tuesday!!!! Ha-ha Love you!

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