Life Is Good Because…..

Life is good right now because I have had a new door opened to me (I’ll tell you about that later), ministry with Lifesong begins in 2 weeks, the Trueface class I teach and the women in it are awesome and me and my Tuesday coffee buddies are learning new things every week.

Life is good because my husband read my Valentine blog then sent me a Valentine email. He wrote one sentence, which is between us, but it meant the world to me. It was simple but simple is soooooo good! My honey also gave me a card. Beautiful, he even read it before he bought it and underlined a few parts. You have come a long way baby!

Life is good because God has blessed me with a daughter who turns 27 February 19th. She gets more beautiful inside and out every year. I am proud of the woman she is becoming, and her accomplishments. But I love her mind, her thought process (she’s always right), the way she appreciates good literature (she’s like my mom in this way), she is very stylish, she still calls me Mommy, she is trustworthy,she is not a gossip, she is truthful, she loves Thai and so do I, she cares about my well-being, she gives the best advice. My baby girl may be all grown up but my heart will always be attached to hers forever.

Life is good because my son keeps me laughing. He could make a wall laugh if a wall could laugh. He is very creative, writes, and can be and do anything he wants to be or do. He is very charming, the women always like him. He is an excellent salesman both at work and at home, he could talk the wall into giving him the paint off of it if it could. He is always concerned about me when I seem sad, and wants to comfort me. He and I can talk about most anything with the exception of “female issues” but that’s what daughters are for. His compassion has its boundaries but if you are one of the lucky recipients he lets it pour. His love runs deep, so deep it hurts him at times. My son, my baby boy whom I will always picture with a sweet shy smile and a plate full of food.

Yes life is good and I can take no credit for it. My Maker has done it all and I thank Him every day. I received the award at the top of the post from a sweet blogging friend. Her blog is so worth the read and you can find it at My blogging experience has been interesting in the way that I have been led to new friends from all walks of life like Sushmita. I am meeting people from all over the world and I’m sure God definitely has had a hand in it.
© Copyright Julie E. Moore


  1. Jennifer Gregory says:

    Julie, I am glad to hear that so much is right for you now! Thanks for sharing the good news. I might like to go with you to LifeSong next week. Maybe we can talk on Sunday about that! Love ya!

  2. loved your post!! May GOD Bless you and keep you enveloped in his warmth ….. very very sweet post! take care…

  3. When you start counting your blessings, it’s amazing to see just how good life really is! Nice post. Thanks for dropping by “my place.” 🙂

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