I Need Your Ideas!

I write another blog and yesterday I asked the question “What kind of blogs do you most like to read?” I got very little response.
This is not a poll it is just a friend asking another friend for some help making a decision.

I’ve been blogging long enough without a consistent subject so I would love it if you would give me some ideas about the blogs you like to read.

If you don’t read many blogs tell me about the blog you have always dreamed of reading…. dogs, horses, cooking, gardening, religion, love, women and work, couples, marriage, TV, movies, reviews of any kind, the list could go on and on.

You can give me a list of things you’d like to read about. Maybe you are eclectic and prefer a mixture ( that’s me). Ok come on let me here from you friends, readers and fellow bloggers.


  1. Anything FUNNY! Funny Life expereinces even emabarrassing ones. We need to be able to laugh at ourselves more and don’t take life so seriously. God’s laughing with us! Don’t ya think?

  2. Hi Julie
    Mostly I read stuff that comes up when I am searching the web or thwt is linked to from another website. I found your site from menopause chit chat. I tend to blog about lots of different subjects too – anything I feel passionate about on a given day. Are you on twitter? You could try tweeting links to draw traffic to the blog

    Best wishes

    • I am on twitter but do not have big following so would it help to tweeting links to so few people? I’m new to “the twitter”. I do love just writing about what on my mind at the time. I’m on my way over to check out your blog.

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