10 Things You Need To Know About Southerners

I live down south in beautiful Georgia. Our way of saying and doing things is a little different than other parts of the world. As a matter of fact we have our own little world and culture down here. I want to share some of these things with you now.

1- Grits. It is not a grit, but grits, plural as in a bowl of grits.

2- Buggy. This is a contraption we use to put our groceries in when we go to the grocery store. It is not an insect.

3- Sweet tea. This is not hot tea but tea in a glass of ice. Although some in the south have turned to unsweetened tea or tea with Splenda, sweet tea is still the true southern drink made with pure cane sugar.

4- Wal-Marts. Yes that is plural. It is only one store but we call it as if it is more than one store. I have not yet figured this one out.

5- Waffle House. A favorite place to eat breakfast 24 hours a day. Famous for waffles and hash browns. As long as you sit at a booth facing away from the cooking area, located behind the counter, this can be an enjoyable experience.

6- We leave the g’s off of our words. Such as goin’, comin’, leavin’, or cookin’. As you can see we also have our own language down here.

7- McDonald’s. Pronounced MacDonald’s.

8- Contrary to popular belief we do not have the hillbilly accent as portrayed in the movies. We are waiting for at least one actor to come along with a real southern drawl to play these parts in the movies. I can get on my soapbox with this one but I’ll just say don’t do it if it has to be faked, we are insulted.

9- Dawgs. You probably know this better as dogs. We spell it the same way, well with the exception of when we are cheering our college football team from Georgia then its “Go Dawgs!”

10- Y’all. This is the same as you guys, you all, everybody or everyone. We have shortened this word and it works for us here in the south.

I’ve lived here almost 46 years and I wouldn’t change a thing. Some have tried and we have accepted some change but when I speak of the south I speak of the true southern way of doing things. Look for my new blog coming soon The View From Down Here In Georgia.
© Copyright Julie E. Moore



  1. The big one Fixin’ – I fixin to go grocery shopping.
    When we order Tea – it’s assumed down here to be sweet tea w/ ice, if you want something different you have to be specific.
    I love the word “Ya’ll” and can’t imagine saying “You all” – who speaks like that?
    I love being southern and wouldn’t change and Thang! Yep, I said Thang!

  2. Preach on Southern Sister! You might think about an entire post dedicated to gravy. We southerners LOOOOVE our gravy, whether it’s milk gravy, brown gravy, pan-drippin’s gravy … and everything gets covered in it. For my ‘not-so-southern’ friends, I always call it ‘sauce’ when they eat with us. They don’t feel so compelled to decline it then!!

  3. I dont call it sauce for outsiders – I call everythang as Ive always called it – not to please or bend for a yankee – y’all do the same or before you know it, youll be talkin and actin just like one – maybe even running out in front of a car. watch it. love y’all!!

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