10 Reasons I Love My Dog

Lola doing one of her two favorite things.

10 Reasons I Love My Lola

1. She likes to sleeps as much as I do.
2. She’s so happy to see me when I come home.
3. She plays possum so I won’t make her go out in the cold. (this is pretending to be asleep)
4. She has the most precious, wrinkly face in the world.
5. She goes to sleep either on my lap or her daddy’s. (this is no easy task cause she weighs 60 lbs.)
6. She’s so funny when she tries to jump up as this is an impossible thing for her. She can’t get her upper body in the air. Hilarious!
7. She has let me take her pic a thousand times without complaining.
7. She loves me unconditionally, although she does get pouty once in a while.
8. She does NOT like the snow. I can relate to this because I do not like it either except from inside the house.
9. She has a one track mind. Food-food-food-food. I could accomplish so much more if I could stay that focused on one thing.
10. She follows me from room to room all over the house just cause she wants to be with me.



  1. so beautiful!!! so cute!!

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