American Idol is Missing Something

The return of American Idol 2011 left me hoping I was just waking from a bad dream, and when I opened my eyes Simon would be in occupancy of one of the judge’s seats. I realize he can be harsh at times but in the end I find myself agreeing with him 90% of the time.

The new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler were slightly entertaining and almost always encouraging to everyone who stood before them both nights. This along with Randy who may have been trying to take Simon’s “seat” as the more critical judge, but not doing a good job, left me wanting something more. The whole thing seemed tasteless, it lacked flavor. It lacked Simon Cowell.

Some of the Idol hopefuls were 15 and 16 year olds and a few caught my ear. Robbie Rosen, 16, sang “Yesterday”, singing his own version of the song. However, the Southern Belle from North Carolina, 16 year old Victoria Huggins won my heart when she tried to win Randy’s heart. Looking at him with those big tearfilled eyes in her natural southern accent she said ” Yo Yo Dawg”. Randy’s comment to this unsual display, “I’m gonna say yes just because of that. You got the most personality ever on Idol”. Of course, I’m drawn to her because I’m a southern girl myself from Georgia.

Will I tune in next week to one of my all time fav shows? Sure, I can’t give up just yet, although hubby has. He says he will not watch it again. Apparently Steven is too scary to look at, truth is he just doesn’t like change. ©

Written by Julie Moore©

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