Jesus In and Through You

Today I will go into this day a little differently than yesterday. Expecting…. I will expect that Jesus has something prepared for me, prepared for those around me, and those coming into my path today.

But what if I were expecting nothing. What if I had my eyes and ears, my discernment, my Jesus sensor turned off and went into the day like 80% of the world? Imagine what I would miss– I would miss opportunities of a lifetime— chances to love and be loved— the beauty of seeing others change— the special occasion to speak life to another person– the miracle of change in myself. There is joy, more joy while living for Jesus than any other time in life.

Those days when I wake up and truly determine that I will let Jesus live in and through me that day… those days are different from the rest. Those days are my best. It doesn’t matter what happens that day, yes there are still trials, irritations, even grief sometimes, but He still does life through me giving me strength in the power of the Holy Spirit to live life the way He calls me to.

One more thing… I sometimes struggle with the fruit of the Spirit, for example self-control. However, knowing I alone cannot accomplish this fruit in me, but it is God’s Spirit that can produce it, I ask Him to do it. My part is that I must intentionally decide that I trust Him to make me strong, then I depend on Him do it. He will every time. Shear willpower will always crumble after a time but the power and strength from Jesus living in and through us does not give way unless we do.

Today is a new day I encourage you to start this day by asking Jesus from your heart and spirit to live in and through you today. You expect to be surprised at how your wonderful Jesus will put people in front of you, then give you words or actions to minister to them.

Love life with Him. ©

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