Explore in the New Year

Wondering what to do in the New Year? Most of us want to try something different because the past year brought life and death,  some gain but economic loss, war not much peace,  and plenty of change. Expectations for 2011 may be high and there’s no reason they shouldn’t be but  let’s put it into perspective. What if […]

One of Those Days

http://youtu.be/629s-y9wg84 Ever had one of those days or several of those days? I came across this song and was reminded I’m not the only one with everyday irritations. I’m not am I?

Jesus In and Through You

Today I will go into this day a little differently than yesterday. Expecting…. I will expect that Jesus has something prepared for me, prepared for those around me, and those coming into my path today. But what if I were expecting nothing. What if I had my eyes and ears, my discernment, my Jesus sensor […]

She Is Every Woman

She’s the one in the waiting room, the one who makes the bed, the one who on the inside feels empty and dead. She is every woman. She’s a mom waiting in the carpool line, the one who is never on time, to her life’s just an uphill climb. She is every woman. She’s making […]

Merry Christmas from Bailey the Unknown Reindeer

The Courage To Become You

The Courage to Become You A young man slipped ever so quietly into the professor’s classroom and sat down in the back row. Jeff’s blonde hair was almost brown from days of not being washed. His once bright red t-shirt was now faded to almost pink and his jeans were stained with who knows what. […]

The Encounter

The Encounter  Every day we encounter people, places, and life experiences. Some we remember while others we forget. Why is that? I have a theory. Let’s say you have a flattened piece of clay and you press your hand into it leaving an impression. Your handprint is left behind as a reminder that you were […]